Open Relationships

Are you currently in a relationship, but thought about sleeping with someone else besides your partner? Have you thought about inviting a third person into your bedroom? Would you like to have a friend with benefits on the side? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then an open relationship might be right for you and your significant other.

An open relationship is one in which the partners have decided that they will no longer remain monogamous to each other and have agreed to let each other explore sexual desires outside of the relationship. While this relationship construct is not the norm, it has become less taboo as many couples have decided to delve into this unique approach to relationships. Couples that engage in open relationships have the freedom to experience exciting and different sexual experiences, while maintaining their primary relationship.

Although you may have thought it would be exciting to engage in an open relationship, you probably weren’t quite sure how to start the process. While the idea of having an open relationship might sound exciting and stimulating; making sure both partner’s expectations are met can make the journey rocky to say the least. That’s where the expertise of a therapist who is skilled in navigating the complexity of open relationships can help you manage this unfamiliar terrain and establish ground rules that meet the needs and expectations of both partners.